New Work: 50 Years Of British Dance Moves In 8-Bit

I’ve been at the pixel art again – well, of course I have, I love to do it. However, this time it’s for Barclaycard and probably one of my most visually simple yet technically difficult posts to create so far. And yes, I included twerking.

The BuzzFeed post is live here: 50 Years Of British Dance Moves In 8-Bit.

On top of that, you really need to check out this awesome collaboration between Barclaycard and BuzzFeed. First take this BuzzFeed quiz to find out your ‘Musical DNA’ and then from that you will have your very own DanceBot created for you in relation to the answers you give. This DanceBot will live on the Music Showdown site with the aim of finding out the UK’s Musical DNA. This is mine here:

Apparently I am 60% New Romantic, 20% Metal, 10% Reggae and 10% Dance. Pretty cool huh?

Read more about it in The Drum.