New Splash page and Sherlock Holmes

Blimey I need to keep updated a little bit more! But then again, it is because it has been the festive period, where I have been away from the net and unable to actually update. Anyway. Last Wednesday I went to see the new Sherlock Holmes movie. Here’s the trailer:

I really enjoyed this movie – it actually reminded me of an adult version of a Scooby-Doo mystery – without the Great Dane of course. The banter was amusing and Holmes (Robert Downey Jr.) and Watson (Jude Law) was well acted. The action was fun, with slow motion fights – where you hear Holmes work out and justify his flurry of attacks. However, I think what was most gripping about the film was seeing what London would look like during the Victorian era, and seeing where I live now (Isle of Dogs) looked like too. Also, the music was very catchy and I actually noticed it more than anything else. Which doesn’t surprise me as it was composed by Hans Zimmer, who also composed for the new Batman movies and Gladiator.

Also, I’ve been doing a little bit of revamping in terms of my own personal promotion. I’ve redone the splash page to my personal site, where it only gives the links to my work on other sites, only until I’ve finished my site. I’ve decided to change the style of my page AGAIN. I’m not sure in which way, but I shall have a play and see. I really shouldn’t be so indecisive….

Furthermore, a friend of mine at my place of work offered to print out for free and distribute to customers my business card, as she is always getting asked if she can design business cards, posters etc. Of course she can’t, so will be sending them to someone who can…. Me! Here it is:

Not bad for 30 minutes…