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We Are Social Media: 12 Questions With Antonia Heslop

“…for BuzzFeed, our content isn’t just seen on our site, it’s found and shared all over the web. This knowledge has helped shape the business and has made us smarter about which platform – or combination of – is the most suitable for the story we are trying to tell.”

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The Greatest Moments From Friends As 8-Bit GIFs

  • “Fans of Friends can relive some of the greatest moments from the popular comedy through these 8-bit GIFs created by Buzzfeed creative designer Antonia Heslop. The GIFs feature adorable and nostalgic moments from almost all of the ten seasons, showing the six having fun at the iconic Central Perk or at Monica Geller’s apartment.” – Design Taxi
  • “There’s something quite charming about these greatest moments recreated in 8-bit gifs” – Tesco Living
  • “When we saw this set of 8-Bit GIFs of Friends Moments on Social Media Club Austria, we really had a good laugh! In honour of the 20th anniversary, BuzzFeed turned the greatest moments into adorable and nostalgic 8-Bit GIFs, best of the all seasons of Friends!” – Trendsylvania
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Game of Thrones’ 14 most brutal deaths as 8-bit GIFs

  • “If the entire run of Game of Thrones were remade as a retro video game, we would play it just for the death scenes. Fortunately, someone has taken the time to create pixelated animations of the most grisly moments from the show. Buzzfeed has 14 of these animated death scenes, and it’s hard to pick a favorite.” – io9
  • “BuzzFeed contributor Antonia Heslop tried to take the sting out some of these unflinching deaths by turning them into adorable 8-bit GIFS. The results are still traumatic. Cute. But traumatic.” – HitFix
  • “Buzzfeed may be a mixed bag of cats and craziness most of the time, but they’ve really hit it out of the park with this one. One of their animators/authors assembled this fantastic collection of 8-bit GIFs that span the most iconic deaths in Game of Thrones (the show) so far.” – Unreality Magazine
  • “How adorable would an ’80s Game of Thrones Nintendo video game have been? Outside of being way fun, that is. And the bonus levels alone would’ve made it worth it (so much warging). Those longing for a visualization of such a throwback/mash-up need look no further than this very post, as the George R.R. Martin series-turned-HBO-series has gotten the pixelated 8-bit treatment thanks to the inventive minds over at BuzzFeed.” – Nerdist
  • “…we are seeing some great Game of Thrones material pop up all over the internet from fan trailers, to amazing homemade posters and more, but nothing can top this hilarious set of adorable 8-bit GIFs that make the deaths we’ve seen on Game of Thrones a lot less heavy… and they are hard to not chuckle at, even if we were all horrified when we saw them go down on the show.” – Fansided
  • “With Game of Thrones ramping up the promotion for its fourth season, everybody is understandably getting excited for its return (dragons! winter!) and all of the series’ best deaths are being celebrated again. To help, Buzzfeed’s Antonia Heslop has put together 14 brilliant 8-bit style GIFS of the most gruesome and shocking murders the series has produced.” – Thirteen1
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Sherlock ‘His Last Vow’ 8-bit animations

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