I went to the #8BitLane makeover of East London’s Brick Lane yesterday, as part of Disney’s promotion of Wreck-It Ralph. It was full of glorious 8-bit sculptures, which I had fun hunting for!

I am currently working on my own 8-bit (well, technically 16-bit) animation, so going to this gave me a wealth of inspiration.

Here’s my photos of what I found:


An 8-bit dog with his 8-bit dog poo

8-bit tree and cab

8-bit pigeons (there were quite a few dotted around, but these were the easiest to see)

8-bit CCTV (I mistook this for a real camera)

How cool is the 8-bit water?

8-bit Post box

There was also a playable version of Fix-It Felix (on which the film is based) on a retro arcade machine

A few of the bars and eateries joined in too

I was also very impressed with this huge ‘Blippable’ building…

The instructions were to download the Blippar app and point it at the building. After scanning the building (img 1), an animation appeared on my iPhone (img 2) and even tracked the building when I move my camera away (img 3). I then proceeded to play the Wreck-It Ralph game!


I had never heard of Blippar before, and even though it took quite a while to scan and register, I was impressed with the results of interactivity with the real world on the iPhone and interested me how I can utilise this app in my own work.


On the same day, I also went to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013 exhibition at the Natural History Museum and the Hollywood Costume exhibition at the Victoria and Albert museum, which I will write about in another blog post.