A quickie of the blog posting kind

I can taste freedom. Freedom from the pain in the backside known as a ‘dissertation’.

I have 99% completed my dissertation writing (just waiting for the response from a few who are proof reading it) and I am posting my current design for my dissertation before I go to bed:

My dissertation is in the form of an Instruction Manual for my TINAT helmet. This is an A2 layout which will be folded up – like a map. I still need to design the TINAT logo, which will go above ‘Instruction Manual’ (when it is the right way up). The instruction manual will be inside the packaging for the helmet (which I am still to make), and the bibliography will be in the form of a Warranty card.

If any of you are still awake, please have a look for me and give me your opinions on the typography etc. Typography isn’t something that I am comfortable with at all and need a hand.

When completed, this will be printed tomorrow!

Good night!