Above London – The Shard Experience

Shard 4

Ah London.

The city that I have grown up and lived in for all of my almost 24 years. It’s a city that I have a love / hate relationship with. I hate the smog, the traffic and the over-populated streets.

Shard 3

Yet, when I was 72 storeys above the English capital in The Shard, it dawned on me how amazing the city really is and am proud to be part of it.

Here are the photos that I took from the evening:

Shard 7

Shard 6 Shard 2

Shard 14

Shard 13

Shard 12

Shard 11

Shard 9

Shard 10

Shard 8

Shard 1

The Shard Viewing experience was something that I would definitely recommend everyone to go to once. However for the £25 price tag, do what I did to make the most of it; go just before sunset. That way you can see the London skyline in all of its glory in daylight and night time.