America’s Got Powers

I bought America’s Got Powers after a colleague at Maverick Media recommended it to me. His brief description of it sent me running to Forbidden Planet Megastore during my lunch break, where I managed to grab an original version and alternate cover version both signed by Jonathon Ross (story) and Bryan Hitch (illustrations) – lucky me!

And boy, was I blown away!

The story line is fantastic and not the typical ‘superhero’ type stuff. Instead of the people with superpowers running around beating up the bad guys, they are in fact used as ‘normal’ people’s entertainment in what can only be described as a Running Man / Battle Royale / Hunger Games type show. The Powers are treated like second class citizens, who’s worth is based on how powerful their superpowers are and are pitted against each other in a series of bloodbath-type challenges, where they have to fight for survival – pretty much like a Gladiator battle in Ancient Rome.  The main protagonist, Tommy, is believed to have 0% power and is ridiculed for it. His brother competed in the games and died as a result of that. However, towards the end of the issue, we find that Tommy isn’t exactly what he seems!

I have to talk about the artwork of America’s Got Powers. Illustrator Bryan Hitch has done a fantastic job! The detail that he puts into each panel is breathtaking and he captures the action perfectly. Hitch fills the pages very well, using the panels expertly to enhance the story – he really hasn’t cut any corners!

Overall, this is a fantastic start to the six part series and I already cannot wait for the next issue to be released. The story and artwork work brilliantly well together and I have very high hopes for this comic series. Well done Rossy!