Antonia’s Adventures in Wonderland

I didn’t realise what sort of adventures I would be getting myself into when I decided to take photos in the snow yesterday… I woke up about ten, saw the snow, quickly put some clothes on, grabbed my trusty cam and off I went. 3 hours and 780 photographs later, I was finished – very cold, very hungry and feeling rather gross (I have OCD when it comes to cleaning). I really didn’t realise how long I would be.

I started walking to one park which I knew which was Sir John McDougal’s Park. On the way I found the water-sport centre:

And a memorial garden:

Sir John McDougal’s Park (I like the name Dougal as it reminds me of Father Ted…I giggle everytime the bus says the location…):

I also remembered that there is quite a massive park near Mudchute DLR station – Millwall Park – so going back on myself I decided to wander to there. On the way I went past a skate park:

So my journey continued (after almost falling on my backside several times and thinking OMG! Save my Β£500 cam!!). I got to Millwall Park (BOO MILLWALL – I’m an avid West Ham UTD fan…). And lo and behold, I saw a few signs. Two of which described a Mudchute Farm and Park.

A few snaps of Millwall Park later:

And off I went exploring this farm and park that I didn’t realise existed. Here are the rest of the photos of my journey:


Canary Wharf in the background there – that’s how close it is:

Is it a pig?

Or a Crocodile?

I think its at Crocapig…


Stalker Squirrel!!

Last but not least, some humans:

This was actually in the same enclosure as the sheep, rams and cows – you can walk freely among them!

When I was taking photos of some pigs, an older gentleman – a worker there – started talking to me and telling me about the farm. He told me that it was a massive 32 acre farm and wildlife park, which most people don’t even realise is there – duh! I was one of them! Most of the animals they have there are rare breeds of their species – for example the Gloucester spotted pig, which are rare because people do not like black spots on their bacon, as they think it is bruised. He also mentioned that they are looking for volunteers there.

I really loved the farm so much – it was really well looked after, and so were the animals, and you could tell that the enclosures had been well thought out. So… I may, during the summer holidays or something volunteer to help out there.

I think I’ve found my new favourite place πŸ™‚

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