Back to the old grind stone.

Yesterday morning – 10am to be exact I was back at good ol’ CSM. Waiting eagerly to see who is going to be in my group and most importantly, if I have made the right choice in pathway which I want to go down.

As a recap, last year, we had to choose which area of Graphic Design we wanted to specialise in – Design, Advertising, Illustration and Moving Image. My thoughts were:
Illustration – NO! I cannot draw. Period.
Advertising – Sounds interesting, and something which I may be good at, but everything seems rushed and based more around the idea rather than the final piece (leaving me not being able to brush up on the oh-so-vital design skills)
Design – I like this area I really do. It will allow me to learn about all the things I need to – i.e. Typography and composition – and I will be able to dabble in Moving Image too. However, I will not be able to learn much about moving image (which I’m really interested in) and we are given 3 week projects at a time, which no doubt I will probably doss around for 2 weeks and then get my arse into gear in the last. And God knows how I would be when it comes to the 6 week project…
Moving Image – I get to play with animations of all kinds, live action, special effects and everything else that goes with it. I get in-depth knowledge from well-experienced tutors in all fields, from established directors, animators, compositors (the list goes on) who KNOW how to use programs such as Flash, After Effects, Final Cut etc. I will be learning from the best. Everything I do in my work has been influenced by a movie that I have seen, or a graphic novel that I have read.
I’m at my most happiest when I am making my own movie.
However… Have I chosen the right thing? Am I putting all my eggs into one basket? What sort of career do I actually want to lead? Animator? Special Effects Artist? Director?… What about me being a Graphic Designer? But most importantly, are there enough jobs for those going down the pathway which I am leading…? Will I, as a Moving Image specialist, be able to get a cushy job, where I can afford the big house and the Lamborghini that I want? I’m going to have to be so lucky.
I’ve been lucky all of my life. I’ve always got the best grades, got into the best schools… the best University in my field… maybe my luck has run out… and by the time I finish my degree, I will get no where and be desperate for a job and just trying to make ends meat. That’s the last thing that I want.
Well, duh, of course it is. That’s why I’m worried. But in Moving Image, we do have one day a week teaching us design, so I suppose it isn’t all bad… But then again those doing the Design pathway will have better practice than I have… and I’m just going to go round in a circle again. It just seems that to get financially secure and lead a great, fulfilling life, you cant do what you enjoy the most. Unless you are very, very lucky.
Oh. My. God. That was a mighty recap. To cut the long story short *cough*, I’m going to just see how it goes.
Anyway, it’s going to be a very demanding course, where I will have to be in Uni Monday to Friday. 10 am to 5pm. Yeah…
I also had to choose an elective to study and attend lectures for, so I chose ‘Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels’ which sounds right up my street :o)
Last night, I tried out for my Uni Girls football team – Arts Ladies. I think I’m going to be a goal keeper and the team looks strong already! Should be a good year! (If I can play the matches that is, seeing as I have Uni on Wednesdays, which is also when the matches are played. Hmm)
I got prospectus through my letter box the other week from my old sixth from – Havering Sixth Form College – and I’m in it! Haha. A little while ago I was asked to write a passage about myself and what I’m doing etc as a past student and it got printed. I’m also on the website:
Picture of the prospectus to follow!
I’ve moved into my new house with three Uni friends and am getting on smashingly! Got to love the swimming pool, gym, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room ;o)
On a last note (promise!) I’m already bored with working on this site, as I can’t really do the things I want to do on it…So… I’m learning how to make a super-duper Flash website! It’s going to take some time, but I promise I’m going to do it. I’ve got lots of ideas, it’s just finding out and teaching myself how to do it. Also, I will hopefully keep this blog more up to date as I should be doing more things that are ‘bloggable’.
So long, for now!