Batwoman #11

This was a fantastic issue and a fantastic end to the slightly annoying story arc.

I have been wishing for this issue to come along as quickly as possible. On one hand, I wanted to know the end of the story. On the other, I just wanted the non-linear narrative to end. However, after reading #11 all of the loose ends tied up really nicely and I really can’t wait to read the whole arc together in one go! I do think that the non-linear narrative will work really well as a graphic novel, but as separate issues that came out monthly? There’s way too many little bits of information to take in and remember for the next month.

Yay! Flamebird awoke from her coma! I loved this storyline as it really built up Jake Kane’s character and showed him as more than a heart-of-stone soldier that he had been previously portrayed as.

I really love this next panel. The flow from left to right and back again works really well and emphasises Batwoman’s movements in the water.

It was also nice to see that the Kate and Maggie romance finished quite sweetly. Throughout the arc, there has been a will they break up or won’t they feeling, but it’s great that they are finally opening up to each other and long may their relationship continue!

One thing I noticed in this issue was the sheer amount of advertisements. In the 30 pages, 10 of them were advertisements. At one point every other page was an advert which really disrupted the flow of the story. Some strips looked as if they were supposed to be double page spread or next to each other at least, but this was not the case and spoilt the comic. However, the adverts did work as I now want these babies:

I can’t wait for the next issue! Rumour has it a certain Amazonian Princess will be making an appearance!