Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Batgirl – Oh My!

Batwoman #12 brings the start of a new story arc and most excitingly for me, (after seeing a preview of the above cover long before it was released), a huge DC team-up of Batwoman and Wonder Woman. Wow.

It sure as hell didn’t disappoint. With J H Williams III taking the reigns with the illustration, my eyes were treated to a glorious mix of funhouse horror and beautiful Amazonian mythology. Can you guess which setting belong to which heroin?

This worked as a great introduction as to how different Batwoman and Wonder Woman’s worlds and methods are, and that they are both as on top of their game as each other. The ‘split-screen’ panels and page layouts are used expertly to convey the similarities and differences between the two heroines.

As the issue evolves, Williams and Blackman merge Batwoman’s Urban Legends with Wonder Woman’s mythology to a conclusion that made me squeal with delight; they are teaming up to go after the Ancient Greek Gorgon, Medusa.

The issue also covered Bette’s recovery as well as how Maggie is dealing with not having found the missing kids yet. The ‘side’ characters, if you can call them that, seem much more dynamic and relatable than in previous arcs which I welcome greatly. A fantastic issue and I cannot wait for #13 to rear its inevitably awe-inspiring head.

While I was at my beloved Forbidden Planet Superstore (home of all things geeky and fantastic, which I could easily spend thousands of pounds in) I noticed this fantastic cover and was instantly added to my basket.

Batgirl vs. Batwoman?! Two female members of the Bat-Family involved in a brutal battle?! How so?! Batwoman undoubtedly HAS to win right?!

Fantastic entrance, but the heels?

And Batwoman totally kicks butt.

I don’t really have much to say on this issue, as I am not a follower of the Batgirl series. Although Batwoman obviously won, I didn’t like the fact that she was portrayed as a ruthless anti hero that will even harm her allies to get what she wants (poor Bab’s nose!). That’s not just Batwoman to me! But it was pretty cool nevertheless!

As a side note, where the hell is America’s Got Powers #3?!