Begins with ‘contra’, ends with ‘diction’.

God. This is getting really stupid now.

My two Moving Images tutors totally contradict each other. Heck, one of the tutors even contradicts himself!

Today started well. Really well. My group were getting on fine. Absolutely fine. In comes in my tutor, who basically says that he hates what we’ve done. Our ‘good-looking, photogenic’ actor is actually ‘not that nice looking and has bad skin’. We should have put make up on him apparently. The lighting is bad. The focus is bad. ‘Zis is bad. ‘Zat is bad. WELL IF YOU TAUGHT US ALL ABOUT THIS STUFF IN THE FIRST PLACE AND MADE US AWARE OF IT, THEN IT WOULDN’T BE BAD WOULD IT!

My group were crushed once again. Not knowing what to do. We are being pushed down the abstract route. Which is not what we wanted.

We went on search for our other tutor to get her opinion. She comes in and sits with us and our other tutor. Her words:

“Where is the other film with the girl? I really liked that one?”

ARGH!! A big debate over our work began. In the blue corner is the aggressor and in the red corner is our saviour. After 10 minutes of them arguing, I started recording them on my phone for shitz and giggles. For another 22 minutes. Neither of them won. The both agreed that we couldn’t please both of them. They both said its up to us. And now we are totally confused as for what to do. Do we do our first idea? Do we do our second idea? Do we do the third *cough* ‘idea’ (*cough* meaning that there isn’t really much of an idea) to please the blue corner. Who bloody knows. I quite liked our first idea. I quite liked our second idea. If it was up to me, I would have stuck with the first idea because I’m just stubborn like that.

How this will go, I really do not know.

Right now, I just want to go a wee (I haven’t been since this morning, so I really need to do that), get out of these clothes and put something comfy on (it was a theme for the MI group to come dressed up – I wore a skirt and high heels!! I’m usually a t- shirt and jeans kinda gal), cook some dinner (sausage pasta) and do my design project with the palindromes.

MI Peeps

May the force be with me…