Cat’s First Date

Finally the first week is over – and I know I keep saying it – but I really am tired… Got to be up at the crack of dawn again tomorrow for a lovely 10 hour shift at work. Nice.

Anyway, the animation is finally finished! I now present to you….. Cat’s first date!

I drew the backgrounds, props, Chef Weirdo and co wrote and animated. Graham drew the Cat and his girlfriend and designed the sound.
I think, for what I essentially worked on for 2 / 3 days, it has come out very well! I’m likely in the future going to adapt the animation – maybe make the cat more sleeker and in my style, and probably add more sound to it as I think some bits are a bit bare. However, I am very pleased with it, and it got very good feedback too!
My tutor, Katarina, was very impressed with the amount of work and effort that Graham and I had put into it. She really like my style of animation design, and didn’t realise that it had all been hand drawn – thinking that I had done it in Flash – which is really important to me as I am not a very confident hand illustrator. Katarina also was impressed by the narrative, saying that it all ties into a very well writ and coordinated animation. The feedback from the rest of the group was good too, and I was asked to explain in detail how we put it all together.
During making the animation, Katarina advised that to make the animation more clearer in terms of story line, we should add something to make it obvious to the audience that it is Cat in the bowl, and not a mouse or something. So I quickly drew a new character – Chef Weirdo – and added him in. This was actually made from a doodle of a face that I made during another boring lecture, and decided to carry on with it – just goes to show, keep your doodles as they may be handy in the future!