I don’t think I explained myself properly in my writing, about what I intend to do for my studio piece. So here is a little clarification:

I personally don’t feel that consumerism is evil. But for my project, I want to try and persuade an audience to believe a certain thing, using the things I have learned in writing my dissertation. So I have to use an extremity (i.e. consumerism is evil) otherwise it wouldn’t work. I can’t really just flutter between whether it is good or bad, or it will lack substance. I’m not looking to create something that is entirely serious either, maybe something with an undertone of sarcasm.

Copied and pasted fresh from a comment I wrote 🙂

As clarification of my clarification, I could easily go down the route of saying that ‘Aliens exist!’ or ‘Bigfoot is real!’, but it doesn’t have much link to my dissertation, other than I am trying to persuade.

I hope that is more clear!