Crisp Packets and Ice Cubes

Soldiering on with the experimenting and ideas, I was wondering if one can develop synesthesia. My main thought was how I immediately associate certain flavours with certain colours. Ok, I might not see colours suddenly explode in my line of view (if that is what synesthesia is like), but I do immediately think of colours – especially when they are flavours of crisps. For example, I always associate Prawn Cocktail with Pink (thanks Walkers!).

So, I thought I would buy some packets of crisps and shrink them:

What I am going to do with them (if anything) I don’t know. But to be honest, I just wanted to shrink some crisp packets for the fun of it.

Another experiment I WAS going to do, was to make loads of coloured ice cubes and put them in a big jar to represent ‘something’. However, my freezer doesn’t exactly do what it says on the tin, and somehow makes water evaporate instead of making it freeze. Therefore, that little experiment that I wanted to do failed big time. It would have looked pretty cool to photograph I think.

Short / crappy video of packet shrinking experiment (yes the oven is full of grease, but I’ve only lived in this house for half a year and that was left by the previous tenants…) :