Double project complete (ish)

Woop! The Double project is now complete 😀

I now present to you ‘Single’ (click for link):

The critique didn’t go too well as per usual. Esteban just banged on about the music and blahdy blah, which he had already banged on about previously, and was just repeating himself, instead of talking to us about the edit and such, which was supposed to be what we were actually learning about. So I kind of feel that it was just a waste of 15 minutes of our time, just listening to old stuff instead learning anything new. He says that his views are just down to his own opinion, but then contradicts himself by making it sound like there is some sort of rule book.

He says that the music doesn’t add anything to the film, therefore we shouldn’t use it. The music makes it flat and emotionless… But my group and myself feel the opposite. The music sets the pace of the film I think, and goes well with the voice over… It might not add a lot to the film, but we are not composers. We needed something to give the film a little kick up the jacksy, to keep the viewer interested, to help us with our edit as we couldn’t get the pace right, and I think it did just that… He makes it sound as if there is a rule that you shouldn’t use music whatsoever, if that is so, then why do so many Hollywood films that have won Oscars, made billions of dollars use musical scores (both soundtrack and composed music specially for the film)? It just really bugs me… We were supposed to be learning about editing in this project, yet we are scrutinised be several other things that we are not made aware of…

Ok, I shall stop now. The response to the title sequences was positive – my Single title was used. So I am quite over the moon with that. The crit for the titles shall be on Friday with Suzi. And Sydney’s name title looks like a penis when melted. Hilarious.