End of the world cometh (And a nice review of A Christmas Carol 3D)

There’s two things I want to talk about on this sunny (believe it or not) Wednesday afternoon.

Firstly, last night I went to see ‘A Christmas Carol 3D’

From the start to the end, I was totally immersed in the film. Not because of the story line (it was actually that part of the film that intrigued me less and somewhat bored me – probably because I have heard the story a thousand times over), but because of the exceptional animation. Exceptionally detailed, exceptionally edited, exceptionally animated, and an exceptional use of 3D. It’s getting to the point where the age old concern of actors being replaced with photo-realistic animations could actually be coming true. It’s breath-takingly real. That, added with an actual thought out use of 3D, instead of using it for the sake of it, made this a marvelous christmas film. The only pitful of this movie is the story. The story is old, it has been heard and done many times before, and I have never particularly had any interest in it anyway, but that’s just my view. Oh and as another point, no way should this have a PG age rating!! I jumped out of my skin at least four times throughout… and I’m an…*cough*…adult….

Secondly, oh what a palaver getting home… I went to see the movie at the amazing O2 arena which used to be the Millenium Dome. On the same evening, there was a massive tennis event going on, thousands of people. Which unfortunately meant total mayhem getting home, with things going on reminiscent of scenes from the Titanic movie

(Watch from 56seconds)

MAHUSIVE queues to get to the tube station and buses, people jumping in, trying to barge through doors, getting thrown out, starting fights and arguments, ransacking buses (I went through the backdoors and didn’t pay a penny hehe…) All because of the sheer panic of the thought of not being able to get home… It was actually quite amazing… The phrase ‘Give an inch and take a mile’ comes to mind

However, it got me thinking, (even more so because I am currently reading ‘Day of the Triffids’ by John Wyndham), if something as small as this could make humans act like savages and forget their upbringing, making it look like they were dragged up rather than brought up, then what would happen if an actual travesty did happen… For example, in Day of the Triffids, the world goes blind apart from a lucky few – the blind take those that can see hostage and smash up shops amongst many other things, because of panic and for their need to survive… This is supposed to be fiction, but in many ways it hits a nerve because as little as we would like to believe, this is what humanity would be like. A similar story is told in Lord of the Flies by William Golding, which shows what would happen if there was a group of young boys left on a deserted island on their own with no order… To cut the long story short, the result isn’t pretty. Look at what people do in order to survive in the Saw films. Harm others. KILL others. Even though these are film references which are fictitious, yesterday’s events made it seem like it could happen… If it doesn’t already…

Humans in nature are savage. When it comes down to it, the majority of humans would rather kill than be killed. This can be applied to many scenarios. Two people fighting for a promotion. Ownership of oil. The last Rolo. Greed is another nasty human trait…

Hell, I could go on. We are all guilty of things. I just hope that a travesty doesn’t happen, or it will be the end of the world as we know it…

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