Flashing, preloading and storyboarding…

Another week and another brief. And you know what? I’m happy about it. I’m getting into the swing of things now and am actually excited about what I am doing.

I spent all Sunday creating a Flash website which I should up load within the fortnight at the very latest. It took me just under 2 hours to work out how to change to different pages – obviously not because of my own stupidity, but more because the stupid tutorials I was following were the worst things EVER to explain things properly. Ok, maybe I am a little stupid, but I know how to do it now, so I am on a roll!! Just go to work out how to do a preloader now lol…
Just come back from Uni, we had a mini project about storyboarding this morning – I didn’t find it that particularly interesting as I have always created storyboards since I was little, and I’m one of those nerds that will watch the ‘Making Of’s’ on DVD’s… We just had to work in groups of 3 for an hour and come up with a story board which included a colour, an emotion and a piece of furniture. The story should take up 30 seconds. My group and I drew a quick storyboard about an old arm chair being replaced by a new one, and because he is ‘green’ with ‘envy’ he flicks the cigar that he was smoking onto the new chair and sets it alight as he is being dragged out. Nothing special, but it was a mini project to get us to learn about storyboards.
Got given a project which is due in for Wednesday afternoon called ‘This is me’. We have to make a presentation on ourselves that lasts for 3 minutes. It’s a very open brief and I have a few ideas, just don’t think that I have the time to do what I want. It’s a good brief nevertheless so am looking forward to working in.
Tomorrow is the first day of electives, where I go and learn and talk about comics and graphic novels. SWEET!!!