I suppose that is it?

Wow-wah-wee-wah! (Borat-type voice intended)

What a hectic few days I’ve had! Monday was the deadline for my portfolio – it had to be handed in between 2 and 4pm. I handed it in dead on 4pm. ‘Cause that’s just the type of gal I am. To tell you the truth, I underestimated how long it would take me to cut and stick everything. I photographed everything on the Friday, got all my stills, printed everything I needed and such on the Sunday and went to bed thinking it would only take me a few hours to stick everything down on the Monday, before I waltz in at 3.30 to hand it in. I woke up at 9 and was cutting and sticking, cutting and sticking until 3.20pm, when I had to run out the door, and get my arse to uni. I didn’t even have time to wash. Yes. Gross. But I got it in.

I then had to go home (shower of course), then do my essay. This time I had learnt my lesson. I stayed up until 4am writing it (with a lovely little – big – debate on hitler and the nazis on Facebook chat in between). The next morning I did my bibliography, strolled into uni at 2.30ish and handed it in. It got barcoded and I got a receipt! How cool and high-tech is that? (I must be amazed because CSM looks like it doesn’t have the technology to keep standing let alone barcode out essays…) But yeah, I really like my essay! It was on something that I am actually interested in and can talk a lot about, so it didn’t seem like a chore writing it… I even want to make it into a little book just for myself as a way of learning bookbinding too!

I’ve also had and idea for what I might do for my dissertation when it comes to it… This was due to the discussion with Kate about Hitler. I think I might do it about propaganda and how the arts are used to manipulate and persuade the public. It has always been a big interest of mine, so that might be a good subject for me.

Today I had to go on for my portfolio presentation where I had to present my work for 5 minutes and get asked questions for 5 minutes. I think it went quite well actually, I said to the tutors that I want them to always be honest with me and not be afraid of upsetting me. I might be a little angry at first but after all, their comments will only make me a better designer. However, I hope they don’t go too overboard – I’m a bit worried about that now lol… Don’t strip me of the little ego that I have got!! Anyway, I’ve just got to wait for my feedback which will be at the same day and time next week.

I got a message on DeviantART the other day from a member who wanted to use one of my boat photographs for book that they wanted to make for their friend and asked my permission to use it. I of course said yes but only if in return they send me a couple of photographs of the finished book and my page for the blog. I replied a little late as I haven’t checked dA in a while, so hopefully it was in time!

My boat photographs have proved to be quite popular actually, on dA I had another member ask if they could use one of them for a water colour painting that they wished to make and credited me as the inspiration

AND AND AND!!! SONY!!! YES SONY!!! Are doing a live brief with my degree course! OOOOOO YES!! I’ve signed up to visit their London Headquarters, get a private view and tour around their building and studios, and take advantage of their free bar!! Oh, and get the brief there too of course =D I’ll keep you posted on what happens there! So exciting!

Hmmm…. and that’s it! I’m now finished until mid – January… WHAT DO I DO?! It’s strange isn’t it… When you’ve got lots of work to do, you think of all these amazing things that you would soooo wish to be doing instead and what you want to do… But obviously you just don’t have the time… But when you have nothing to do…. and you can do whatever you want… WHAT DO YOU DO?!?! I’ve been sitting here for the past 4 hours scratching my….. head and randomly refreshing Facebook to see if something has actually happened yet, but obviously has not.

SO. Here is my to-do / wish list for over the Christmas holidays:

> Complete Batman Arkham Asylum (OF COURSE!)

> Finish Website

> Create a logo for myself

> Upload all projects to Behance

> Create ‘water-man’ idea

> Start Sony brief when I actually get it

> Finish Designer Archive

> Make an animation – possibly the Manson / Within Temptation idea I’ve had for an idea…

> Make my Comics essay into a book

> Go on at least one photography outing with Reiss, Scott and Tom

> Re-draw the cat in ‘Cat’s first date’ and do my own sounds

> Tinker my ‘This is me’ project with me falling twice and shouting ‘oh fuck’ at the end…

Oh and I will soon post the links to all my blog posts that I have updated with the correct files etc – like photographs of my work and video links that actually work. DAMN YOU YOUTUBE!!

I’ll add more if I think of anything to add :o)

I think that will make me one busy bee.

And just for the sake of it, seeing as I’m into adding media on this post, here is the Batman: Arkham Asylum trailer:

It is such an awesome game! I think I might just go and play it now 🙂

Batwoman out.

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