I Think I’ve Just Reached Peak BuzzFeed.


Imagine this: receiving an all-office email that commands you and 4 others to go to the editor-in-chief’s office at 11.30am sharp. No questions asked.

Then, an iPhone and microphone is set up on a tripod and you realise that whatever this is about is going to be streamed live on Facebook. As it was the BuzzFeed summer party the day before (and, well, there’s nothing like a BuzzFeed party) immediately trying to think of every possible questionable thing you might have done, and convincing yourself you are going to be sacked, live, in front of thousands.

The door slowly opens, you see a small bundle of fluff in someone’s hands and you immediately recognise the most sullen face of the World Wide Web: Grumpy Cat.

If you happen to live under a rock, Grumpy Cat is the most famous of internet cats and probably is one of the most famous memes to date:

I got to stroke and take selfies with a cat who earned her (yes, her) owner £64 MILLION in 2015, and it was probably one of the best days at BuzzFeed so far! I even got a follow back on Twitter – #internetgoals.

I really do think I’ve just reached #peakbuzzfeed. Omg. Lol.