Jennifer’s Body

Tonight I went to see Jennifer’s Body. I wasn’t expecting to see it. I didn’t really know what it was about. And I’m a little bit confused as to whether I liked I not.

A horror written by Diablo Cody (Writer of Juno), about a college ‘it’ girl , Jennifer (Megan Fox – ya know, the girls want to be her / boys want to be with her and in this case girls want to be with her too type) who gets offered to Satan by an indie band who wants to hit the big time and wants satan to help them. However, because she is not a virgin (quote: I’m not even a backdoor-virgin anymore, thanks to Roman. By the way, that *hurts*. I couldn’t even go to flags the next day. I had to stay home and sit on a bag of frozen peas) the demon gets stuck in her, so she survives, and now has to feast on boys to keep her good looks, flowing locks and strength up. It is up to her ‘bff’ – for those who are not up to date with the ‘lingo’, it means best friend forever – (Needy) to stop her.

Ok, yes it is quite a lame plot, which is why I am in two minds about it.

It has numerous of great one liners not just like the ‘backdoor-virgin’ quote:

Needy : I thought you only murdered boys?

Jennifer: I go both ways   (Needy and Jennifer get off with each other in the film too)

Jennifer: You give me such a wetty

Jennifer: I am going… to eat your soul… and shit it out Lesnicky!

Needy: How are you going to get alcohol?

Jennifer: I’ll just play Hello Titty with the bartender.

Jennifer (after she gets stabbed): Anyone got a tampon?

And there is more which I can’t quite remember right now, but they are good.

To me, it was an enjoyable film, with some good gorey special effects, good quotes and good actresses. It just seemed that the film tried TOO hard to become, say, a cult and was basically just there for the titillation of  a teenage boy audience. Worth watching on DVD me thinks….