Marilyn Manson Gig

I’ve been in two minds about whether or not to include this on my blog. However I have decided that seeing a Manson gig is part of the ‘arts’ and therefore I shall. After all, his music videos are some of the most creative and theatrical that I have seen, and really do influence me a lot in my work, and let’s not forget his stage charisma and ‘Manson’ act, which is just amazing to watch.

Oh. My. God. What a night.

His song list was well thought out, the atmosphere was immense, his stage performance was amazing. It was really such an amazing night. From lazers on his fingers and ‘torch goggles’ to microphone knives and humping the stage. Watching him in real life rather than on Youtube or TV is a great, must have experience. You don’t even worry that your clothes are full of other people’s sweat, who have obviously not washed in a few millennia.

The photos are not of too good a quality, but for a camera phone, they are not too bad.

> The crowd (duh) – not an ounce of colour!

>Support Band ‘Esoterica’ with female guitarist.

> Manson!!

> Lazer Finger tips

> Jumping up and down

> The leaving crowd

> Micki and Myself

Vids from the tube:

Oh and just for those avid fans out there, I am pleased to say that I have met the man himself and got his album signed…


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