‘My Lethaby’ Project + Other little delights.

Today was Animation with Susi Wilkinson, who is my animation tutor (check out her website!). We have been set a separate animation brief from the MTV, Synesthesia and Dissertation. Yikes.

Well, the brief is to create an animation about the Old Lethaby Building of Central Saint Martins. It has to be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes and have to work in a group of 2 or 3. I appear to be working with Sian, which I am looking forward to, as I will hopefully learn a lot from him! The animations, if good enough, will be displayed in an exhibition at both the Lethaby Gallery and when the School gets transferred, Kings Cross.

As part of research, we have been encouraged to delve into the archives of CSM, which has been given museum status due to the scale and records that it holds. We were given a 40 minute talk, showing us photographs from 1906 upwards, hand drawn typography, architectural plans of the buildings… all sorts! There’s loads! And we can go there at anytime and look at all the wonders there is to be hold 🙂

Quick snap of a small part of the archive:

Art students at work at the very building I walk around every day – around 100 years ago:

Yesterday, Emilia and I crashed a ‘private view’ of a small exhibition. Well, one of the Mall exits at Canary Wharf is hardly private… There were a few things on display, not that spectacular to be honest. But there were some cool Ceramic stuff – my favourite were the Ceramic Violins which you can sort of see on the white wall to the right:

As for the big painted things… A bit too much like Jackson Pollock I think…

Last but not least, check out this awesome video I got sent 😀