OpenOffice is a pain in the @%$£

What else is there to do while you are in the uni library, supposed to be writing a 2000 word essay on ‘How women are portrayed in comic books’ and actually set out to do just that, but Open-I’m-going-to-crash-every-time-you-try-to-type-a-character-or-click-the-mouse-Office keeps on doing everything that it says on its given name. So to stop myself from jumping out of the library window and plummeting 6 floors towards concrete and cars, I’m going to blog.

Apologies for not posting any proper photographs of my Palindrome Magazine as of yet, I’ve had too much work to do at the moment, including research for mentioned essay and finishing the ‘Double’ video. But, I do have to hand in my portfolio of the years work so far on Monday, which will mean I will have loads of lovely jpegs to post for you to gander at.

Ok, well to start with, my group have finally made our final cut of our ‘double’ themed 1-minute film, which we are now calling ‘Single’ (oh aren’t we funny). Sophie is friends of one of the band members of ‘The XX‘, who has given us permission to use one of their tracks, in our video, which really helped us piece it together and getting the tempo right. We changed the voice from mine to Sophie’s, as well, I can’t rap to save my life and she could get the pace right. Here is our final cut:

The background music needs to be a little bit louder I think so the beats really come through. And I really don’t know why it is black for the first few seconds. It’s not supposed to be like that.

On top of that, last night we all did a title sequence separately – all based on cheese melting. The best title will be used, and all of our names will be pieced together at the end. Here are mine:



Sound will be added on on Wednesday when we finalise the whole movie.

Oooo, the new version of Open-please-work-please-work-please-work-Office has downloaded now, so back to my essay!

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