Projects thus far!

lego feature

Hello! It’s been a very stormy Monday and here’s an update on the projects that I have been working on so far!

First of all, I have been working on some smashing projects whilst at Anomaly London.  Along side my daily Office Runner duties, I have been working as a Junior Designer with the design team on some huge brand names.

In August, I made a short animation used in a pitch for LEGO to demonstrate a ‘Crazy Machine’ idea, where children bring along their old toys, put them in the machine and they are ‘transformed’ into LEGO bricks. The design team designed the machine and I used my After Effects knowledge to bring it to life:

On top of this I have been working on an ASOS campaign, including web, logo and poster design. This has become a great project to work on as I have been able to give my creative input too. I will be able to post more about this once the campaign is over. I have also done some video editing and presentation design for Budweiser.

Secondly, I have been commissioned for a couple of projects by Minicabster and East London School of Karate. For Minicabster, I have designed a poster that will be displayed in several pub chains across London, advertising their minicab book app – it’s pretty cool by the way, as you get live quotes from several local minicab companies competing for your business. I’ve saved quite a few quid, so check them out here: I will  upload this once everything is finalised and sent to print.


East London School of Karate have asked me to design their website and logo, as well as take care of their social presence. This has been going great so far with the website very nearly ready to go and a club photo shoot penciled in the next couple of weeks.

rush hour

Lastly, my very own project, RUSH HOUR is still on the go. I am currently waiting for the sound design to be completed for the trailer and am working on a pitch presentation and marketing. Please do show your support by liking the official Rush Hour App Facebook Page and following Rush Hour on Twitter.