Prototype Tin Hat

I have decided to scrap the idea of creating ‘pleasure suppressor drugs’ as this isn’t the route that I wish to go down, as I feel that it is too serious for the message that I want to get across. I believe that making actual tin hats will convey my message better, and well, it’s more fun for me too.

I had the idea of making a ‘prototype’ tin hat out of metal objects. Which will then evolve into a more simpler, aesthetic model, which will be my origami-made tin foil hats. Which will be called my ‘Tinats’. The best way I can describe this is to think of the evolution from a cassette player to an iPod. Or an old computer which took up a whole room with tape and electrical components, to a laptop.

So I started off with these objects that I found around my house and bought a few extra bits too:

1. Metal Collinder x 1
2.  Metal Shower Hose x 1
3. Metal Skewers x 6
4. Pack of multicoloured Cable Ties x 1
5. Stainless Steel Egg Cups x 6
6. Box of Christmas lights x 1
7. Tin Foil containers x 6
8. Smoke Alarm x 1
9. Old-style alarm clock x 1
10. Fuses x 10
11. Sink Strainer x 2
12. Electrical Tape x 1
13. Glue Gun Sticks x 5
14. Glue Gun x 1
15. Weird Diamond Christmas Decoration x 1
16. Shower Hose Holder x 1
17. Stanley Knife x 1
18. Assortment of Screws x 1
19. Hammer x 1
20. Screwdriver x 1
21. Pair of old glasses x 1
22. Part from Tripod x 1
23. PVA Glue x 1
24. Staple Remover x 1
25. Pliers x 1
26. Wire Cutters x 1

7 hours and several glue gun burns later (one on my thigh took a layer of my skin off – OUCH!) this is what I had made:

Me wearing the prototype tin hat
Hat with lights turned on

This hat isn’t finished yet, I want to add a couple of straps (which I need to get from work) and a diamond thing on top (which I messed up the circuitry for and need to buy another one).

I also learnt that having a 9v battery with an electric current passed through itself and only itself continuously, causes a lot of electric sparks. I was scared.

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