Speaker At Cititec’s Women In Tech 2016

Yesterday, I was invited to speak at Cititec’s ‘Women In Tech’ event, with the main focus around diversity and equality within the work place:

Equality and diversity are part of the backbone of Cititec, both in our external and internal recruitment efforts. Our meetups are no exception to this philosophy. Our January meeting will celebrate exceptional female professionals in the tech industry, and will feature talks by leading women who have founded, grown, sold, managed, and promoted businesses in the tech sector.







I joined four other speakers, where I spoke about my career so far and my journey to getting here, what my job role entails, and equality and diversity within BuzzFeed. It all went down a treat with plenty of positive feedback, so I presume I did something right!


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It was a fantastic event with a full audience all wanting to further their own careers and learn how to expand the diversity in their own work place. I definitely recommend keeping an eye out for Cititec events in the future.

Read some write-ups here:

You can find my talk at 23:36 – it’s lengthy and I hate listening to my own voice.

If you are interested in me speaking at your event, feel free to get in contact at info@antoniabonello.com.