I have a new(ish) project, to explore the world of Synesthesia.

Synesthesia: a secondary sensation accompanying an actual perception, as the perceiving of sound as a color or the sensation of being touched in a place at some distance from the actual place of touching.

This can relate to all of the 5 senses: Sight, Touch, Hearing, Taste and Smell

I watched these videos, which helped me understand the subject more fully:

Derek Tastes of Ear Wax

> VS Ramachandran on your mind

I found this video on Vimeo which evoked some really creative ideas. It’s quite difficult to understand I think, if you don’t know the Synesthesia condition:

> Synesthesia – by joesyyo

I have a few ideas that I want to experiment with including:

>  Synesthesia cook book

> Representing via colour ink drawings

> Ink Photographs in glass

> ‘Apple’ Player

> Can the 99% of the population who don’t have synesthesia develop it? (E.g. Crisp packet colours corresponding with flavours)

> Experimentation with Flash and webcams

I want to experiment with inks and ink drawings. I have used ink before and really enjoy using it, as well as the outcomes that it creates. It would be nice at the end of this project if I developed more of a design / illustration style which included this medium.

I was supposed to be doing this project over the four weeks off I had for easter. It is now the Sunday before I go back to uni, and I have done nothing. Shit. I better get a move on…

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