Womb Render

For over the christmas holidays, I have been given the project to create a 3 minute Moving Image piece called ‘This is Me Pro’. For the rest of the year, I have chosen to base my work on the theme of Superheroes. So for this project, I am creating a satirical / quite factual animation of why I am destined to be a Superhero.

I have all my storyboards etc. ready, and I have finally started on the production.

Here is the first render of my ‘Womb’ scene. It’s nothing much, needs tweaking and I want to add spores / bubbles. It’s going to be in the same style as my ‘Problems with getting older‘ animation.

Now to get on with the other 11 scenes, all of which is due in on the 10th of January. Yes I have left it quite late… Don’t judge.