Yay! Snow! (And St Trinians 2 review)

Yay! It has been snowing! I love the snow… Makes the crappiest of places look so beautiful… However, even though it did snow in London, it didn’t quite settle… Boo… So, I went to Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, to take a few photos and bask in great company :D. I still need to see how they come out, so if they are any good, I shall be posting them šŸ™‚

Also, last night, I went to seeĀ St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold.

Most of the time, sequels are no where near as good as the originals (the new batch anyway), however I was not disappointed one bit by the film. It was a good, fun all rounder and kept you laughing and giggling to yourself the whole way through. There are quite a few new faces in the film, as many of the girls did not reprise their roles, but the new ones were just as good, for example the main chav *cough* sorry – Rude Girl, who kept you laughing the whole way through. I was worried by the inclusion of Sarah Harding in the film, as I thought that the whole film would be about her, but to my surprise (and delight) is wasn’t. She had a few lines, kept the film looking pretty, but the rest of the film was focussed on the other great actors and actresses.

Rupert Everett as Ms. Fritton was amazing, and David Tennant played the woman-hatingĀ male chauvinist, Promfrey very well. The flash mob in Liverpool Street station was great, and so was Fritton and Geoffrey Thwaites’ (Colin Firth) rendition of Romeo and Juliet in Shakespeare’s Globe, infront of a live audience.

This was an awesome film, and I recommend anyone to go to see it. Especially if you just want all round fun.