antonia heslop video cv my frist job in film

There are 2 days, 13 hours, 47 minutes and 19 seconds until the end of the MyFirst Job In Film Video CV Competition, where the prize is 12 months mentoring, exposure and dedicated help in getting into the film industry.

I have woken up this morning to my Video CV entry having already received a staggering 314 votes (at the time of writing). This is fantastic news and I would like to thank again all of you who have voted and are spreading the word.

However, I do have very stiff competition and it isn’t over until the fat lady sings.

So please, go to www.tinyurl.com/antoniacv and click ‘like’. 2 seconds, that’s all it takes.

I urge you with every ounce of urge power I have! That’s a lot of urging that you really, really cannot withstand SO CLICK HERE >> www.tinyurl.com/antoniacv then click ‘LIKE’. Sorted, non?

Thanks again and I shall keep you updated!