2x Media Week Award Nominations


Today I received some fantastic news: the Alzheimer’s Society program I worked on has been shortlisted for two Media Week Awards! The awards the program has been nominated for are:

  • Agency: Media Idea (Under 200k)
  • Media Creativity

Wow. This is brilliant.

This was an amazing program to work on and a worthy cause to bring attention to, and to get two nominations for it is a gigantic cherry on top.

The post I particularly worked on was ‘The Hardest Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take‘, which alone has been nominated for ‘Media Creativity‘. It starts as a general trivia quiz, but as it progresses the questions get weird and nonsensical. One question was a riddle where none of the answers made sense, and then another is a picture of a random woman that you have to identify. Most will choose ‘don’t know’, but you are told that she’s your sister… It’s confusing and makes you doubt yourself, very much how those suffering from dementia would feel.

The campaign was created to not only help people relate to those suffering from dementia, but to create awareness for the disease and research. The campaign was a great success, it was repeatedly shared and commented on. One of the comments said “I’m now going to go support the cause and raise money” and undoubtedly had a great impact.

Just got to wait for another couple of months to found out the winners!

*Fingers crossed*