A new term, a new year and a new project

Well, I’m back to uni. As of Monday just gone, I have started my 2nd term of my 2nd year at Central Saint Martins. And it’s already looking up.

We were given our project, which will last the whole of this term, and because it is one of the D&AD briefs this year, we will be entering our final pieve into that prestigious competition also. Here is our brief:

“The City is constantly in transition and mutation, disappearing behind changing environments and shifting identities. Create your own ‘adventure in motion’ that explores this.

“Mankind’s fascination with city living continues at a startling pace, accelerating towards nations of supercities. From personal stories to community collectives, it’s time to investigate how cities are changing and in turnhow we are changing our cities, our hopes and fears of urban dwelling both now and in the future.

“We want you to explore the concept of ‘The Disappearing City’ via a progressive, multi-disciplinary, cross-media approach to storytelling, with a work of moving image at the heart of your final piece. Do not limit yourself to making a finished film if you do not want to. Onedotzero is about experimentation with moving image in any context, so as well as film and animation, experimental work in motion graphics, installations and even live action are relevant.

“We are looking for work that can be extended into different mediums; please demonstrate this by extending your core piece into at least one other medium. Think broadly, it can be anything from online to print, from mobile to interactive, from public intervention to papercraft or gaming and so on.”

What an open brief! What’s more is that the winning work will be showcased at ‘Onedotzero_adventures in motion 2010’ film festival (I am unsure of this is a D&AD outcome or uni outcome).

I have been partnered up with a chinese girl in my class called Ni Ni, who seems to be very conceptual with her work, so I’m hopeful πŸ™‚

Oh, and also, this term, we will be getting a brief from MTV to create a erm.. erm… I’ve forgotten what it’s called… erm… Β The little advert for a channel that is put in between the program and mainstream adverts… ANYWAY!! Where we will have to research and pitch our idea to a panel of MTV arts people at the MTV headquarters in Camden. This again is a CSM only brief, which is pretty cool πŸ™‚

Ok, I’ve procrastinated enough now… I must do my research for tomorrow! (Or should I say today seeing as it is now 00.37am!)

I will be posting bits and bobs that I find on this blog so I can keep a record of videos, and also it will probably just be nice to share anyway.

Wish me luck πŸ™‚

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