A Revelation

My meeting with Nick went very, very well yesterday. Actually, it went incredibly well.

As you all know, for my dissertation studio piece I wanted to make an infomercial about consumerism being evil. When jotting down what topics I should include in said infomercial, I thought of including ‘tin hats’ as a way of protecting us from the evils of consumerism. After all, there are people who believe that wearing a tin hat will stop aliens from gaining access to their minds. Go figure.

Then it occurred to me: what if I tried selling these tin hats? And created an infomercial trying to sell tin hats to protect against consumerism, which is ironic in itself? I could create the packaging, advertisements and everything for it.

So this was the idea that I brought to the meeting with Nick. He really loved it, which of course was a sigh of relief.

The idea has now developed further, where I am contemplating creating a ‘drug’ which cuts of pleasure – so a pleasure suppressor. The item – whether it be a tin hat or a drug will be called Tinats (due to my cockney accent dropping my H’s).

So the plan for the moment is to brand this drug / hat and see how far I can go with it!

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