America’s Got Powers #2

At the time of writing, I have now read this second issue twice. Not because I didn’t understand anything and what not, but because I genuinely thoroughly enjoyed it. Issue 1 was a bumper issue which provided a great introduction into this zeitgeist Jonathan Ross has created. This issue delves more into the politics and the hardships that the Super-powered and their families go through. For example, once deceased the power’s bodies are taken to be experimented on rather than given a respectable burial, as was done with Tommy Watt’s brother.

We learn a lot more about our protagonist, Tommy. We get to see his very close relationship with his twin brother and how his twin would protect him from bullies. Tommy has a love interest too, who runs a group kind of like an AA meeting, but for people who do not want to use their superpowers and Tommy is a part of that. These combined with Tommy’s mother’s hatred for the show (which caused her son’s death) one can understand why Tommy doesn’t want to be a part of it.

Towards the end of the issue there is a revelation that the dead Powers might not actually be, you know, dead-dead. The show’s big-heads bring Tommy’s mum to a chamber full of the ‘dead’ Powers. She is told that they are not awake, but they still have energy in them that prevents them from dying and that Tommy might be key to this – hence them wanting him to fight in the show to see what he can do. Or is this just a ploy by the big-heads to get Tommy to fight, thus increasing the show’s viewings and profits?

Again this is another fantastic issue with an endearing story and plot twist. Bryan Hitch’s visuals are fantastic and jam packed with detail, realism and emotion. Paul Mounts’ colours fit superbly with Hitch’s lines bringing them to life even more. I felt a little cheated because there were not as many pages as the first bumper issue, but that’s just me being impatient and a spoilt brat!

Bring on issue #3!