America’s Got Powers #3

Is it me, or is that cover rather quite ugly?

ANYWAY. Despite the cover, this is another fantastic issue by Jonathan Ross and Bryan Hitch. The story is delving deeper and darker into this San Francisco of the future, where we find the Powers being experimented on with procedures reminiscent of the Holocaust.

We find out that this organisation have found out that the Powers cannot die and their energy can be used to turn ‘normal’ citizens into Powers (albeit weaker). This idea reminds me of DC’s 52 (2006) storyline where everyone was given the chance to have superpowers (as a side track, I cannot for the life of me get the 4th Volume, so if someone knows where I can get a copy, please do let me know!!). The government believe that Tommy is an ultimate source of power and want to see him unleash it.

As per usual, Bryan Hitch’s artwork is fantastic. The detail he puts into every panel is a feast for the eyes. The colours are vibrant and energetic, and really emphasises the powers and action.

Then it comes to Hitch’s action shots. He expertly lays out each panel so that it mimics the timing and flow of the action, with the faster speedier action in smaller panels and the lager sections used to slow down the pace. You can really imagine the action being on big screen.

America’s Got Powers is now half way through and it still has my full attention. My only reservation is that each issue seems to be taking longer and longer to be released!