An update, as it has been a while!

Ah, it has been a while since I have blogged. So here is a bit of an update.

Firstly, I have been working hard on the ‘Disappearing City’ brief with Ni.

I researched on lots of things: what makes a city, what is in a city, the destruction of a city, urban exploring, Nostradamus’ predictions, WW3, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Truman Show, Frank Lloyd Wright, and so on.

I also looked at some animation styles that I would like to try too:

SCRIBE MUNDO DE PAPEL |   Urban Abstract |  This Is Where We Live |  Catwalk – Black Cat Crossing |  I AM

I have wrote our plan of action at the moment in a separate blog, because it is just waaayy too long and it deserves its own post:

>>Click here to be directed to our current thought process<<

We didn’t get much feedback other than “Err, woah.. Erm, yeah. Wow. You have done a lot of research. Erm yeah… Do you believe in Nostradamus?”

Secondly, I have ceased to be working on the Property Doctor designs due to difference of opinion, so there will be no more updates from that.

Third…. I don’t think that there is a third. No, there isn’t. Oh wait! Yes there is! (See how my brain works?!) I will be creating a vlog / podcast about my work, how I’m getting on and shizzle, which will run alongside Reiss Cleal‘s. To be kept updated on that, subscribe to this YouTube User: InTheAsylum1

Anyway, click the ‘current thought process’ link to be directed to my latest ideas. Bon appetite! 🙂