Avatar – 3D

One word.


I went to see this film with my 69 year old Grandad. I loved it, he loved it, and as I can imagine, the absolutely packed cinema (bearing in mind it is like the 5th week the film has been out, and I have never seen so many people in a cinema before) loved it too. Well I think that the whole room being filled with ‘wow, that was amazing’ etc. justifies that.

First, the story line. Very strong, gripping, and you really do get the sense of love towards the Na’vi and hatred towards the humans. Well, why the hell should humans destroy their own land, and then think that they can go to another planet, where the natives love and care for theirs, and try to destroy it, for greed and money alone? Oh that’s right, because Humans are scum. I’ve wrote a previous post about the human behaviour, and this film just brings to light even more of the disgusting nature of ‘our people’. Sorry, side-tracked there.

Second, the animation was as real as unbelievably real can get. The skin texture, the movement, the eyes, the hair, the amazing attention to detail… All superb. Let alone the landscapes, the backgrounds, the environments… All outstanding… All just filled with colour, and things that you sit there and wish that actually existed. All of this made you really believe that this world was real, and sucked you in for the full 160 minutes. I didn’t twitch once or complain in my head about my bum aching – I sat there with my jaw dropped.

Third, the 3D. The 3D was very well used, and immersed me in to the world that had been created. However, I do wonder if wearing the glasses and it being 3D darkens the colours of the screen a bit… Ok, everything was colourful, but maybe not as vibrant as it should have been… I tried doing the ‘glasses on-glasses off’ test, but still quite dark / dull. But, I suppose I will have to wait until it is out on Blu-Ray for me to know.

And of course, the fact that Sigourney Weaver was in the film made it just 10 times better – but I did keep thinking that she was going to come out with this ‘Ripley – I’m going to kick all your alien asses’ persona. But she plays a scientist in this film, and a nice one at that – she just wants to learn about the Na’vi and their land, not destroy it.

Anyway, as my Grandad said: “It’s bleeding right it was good after how much it cost to make”. Can you imagine if it was rubbish after costing $280,000,000 to make?! (Being the most expensive film ever). Well it has been nominated for loads of awards and has one a couple already.

And you know what? I’m not ‘bleeding’ surprised.

If you haven’t seen this film yet, you do not know what you are missing and are a disgrace to yourself.