Awarded BuzzFeed Creative ‘Best Illustrated / Animated Post’ 2014

I’m so very proud to have gone in to work yesterday after a few days off and find that I had won BuzzFeed Creative’s award for ‘Best Illustrated / Animated Post’ of 2014. Better yet, I got this awesome trophy to go with the accolade too.

image image

I won the award for my post ‘The Greatest Moments From Friends As 8-Bit GIFs‘ that I worked on for Comedy Central UK, as part of Friends 20th Anniversary. Some of the GIFs I made included these:

Friends 8 bit

Friends 8 bit

I am seriously ecstatic about receiving this and knowing that my work for BuzzFeed is already being recognised. I can’t wait to build upon it in 2015! After all, I now have a title to uphold 😉