BuzzFeed UK’s Moved Home!

BuzzFeed UK 8

BuzzFeed UK has finally moved to its brand new office! Huzzah!

For the past 5-6 weeks, we have been stuck in a horrible temporary office while all the necessary paper work got signed. But now, we have just made home in our new shiny office in Argyll Street, Oxford Circus.

BuzzFeed UK 1

Everything is wonderfully branded.

BuzzFeed UK 2

There are shark chairs that I’m definitely going to steal.

BuzzFeed UK 3

My colleagues, Rebecca and Philly, are pretty happy here.

BuzzFeed UK 10

Here’s everyone else, working away.

BuzzFeed UK 4

Our kitchen, with unlimited drinks, fruit and PORRIDGE.

BuzzFeed UK 5

Our snack room with ALL THE SNACKS.

BuzzFeed UK 13

Our meeting rooms are named after biscuits…

BuzzFeed UK 12

…with their own themed graffiti…

BuzzFeed UK 9

…and fantastic views.

BuzzFeed UK 6

Geeky decorations. (I might have to nab these, too.)

BuzzFeed UK 7

And my desk. I’ve finally got my three screens, Wacom Cintiq and toys out.

Home Sweet Home.