Colour Ink / Sound Experiments

Experimenting with coloured ink with sound, to create my own visualiser.

Creating Crystal Glass harmonies to see if it has any effect on the ink. The ink did swirl slightly, but I’m not sure if it was because of me accidently nudging the glass while doing it, or if the sound was taking effect.

Using my sub-woofer to create vibrations from music.

Ink + Water on a plate, placed on top of the sub.

Ink drop on a piece of paper, placed on top of the sub.

Video of my experiments:

Yes, at the end, the ink did explode everywhere and I had lots of fun cleaning it up. I forgot to turn down the volume. Bravo to me.

Overall, some of the experiments went ok, others went particularly bad… Mainly because I was unsure if sound had any particular effect on them or how I could translate the results into a design medium. In my mind, I was hoping that ‘playing’ wine glasses with ink in them would have a much more exaggerated effect that I could use. Same as placing ink on a flat surface – I was hoping that it would splat the inks out in some sort of pattern… But I guess that you can’t make up science and physics…

Therefore, I have been looking at some videos that having things to do with colour, that I could link with Synesthesia. Although they aren’t great, they show the gist of how what to do and what will happen:

I’m having a bit of difficulty getting my head around these things and how I can apply them to my project. I suppose I’ll just keep experimenting eh?

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