Damn those Volcanoes! (Especially the Icelandic ones…)

Enter Summer term.

What an uninteresting morning. Came in to surprisingly find that most of the students in my group were not held in another country by the ‘dust’ clouds. However, our two technicians – the only ones with keys to get cameras and other equipment (i.e. the important stuff) – Steve and Ghin, are stuck in America and Egypt, respectively. When they will be back, no one knows.

See, the problem is that the MI department is 90% dependent on the stuff that is locked away in the oversized cupboard. The MTV Ident is due in less than four weeks, meaning that we have to ALL (i.e. 25 individual people) shoot next week at the latest, to allow for editing and re-editing. Do you see the problem here?

My tutor, Esteban has no access to this room. He has complained to the technicians’ boss about the situation of not having any equipment and not being ALLOWED to borrow from anywhere else. Esteban jokingly(ish) said that the department might as well just be shut down. The big boss man replied in a sharp manner “Yes, it might as well be.”

So we are all stuck. Yet the deadline cannot be changed due to it being a live brief, so we have to soldier on.

Tomorrow I will be working on my storyboard, and making final plans for the shoot

I’m going to have to make a phone call… and if he is reading this now, he will know it is to him, and to keep his phone near by… 😀

Let’s just say I’m going to need a couple of sexy guys to help me out big time 😀