Do You Have The Mind Of A Serial Killer?


Well… do you?

If you have ever wondered if you have serial killer tendencies, you might want to double check with a new quiz that I designed for ‘The Following‘ TV series: Do You Have The Mind Of A Serial Killer?

I don’t usually blog about quizzes that I do for BuzzFeed, but I am particularly pleased with this one, as I experimented with animating the question headers, such as:


It proved to be quite an interesting experiment as I had to consider that a huge proportion of views would come from mobile. The problem is: to get GIFs to play on the BF mobile site, you have to press ‘play’. And where’s the play button? In the centre of the GIF which obscured the actual question being asked. So the quiz ended up being a mix of animated GIFs (where the text wasn’t in the centre) and still images (where the text was central). I think it worked quite well and it has received a good response from the readers too!