Final Piece of the Zeitgeist Puzzle

And there we have it! The final superpower for my Zeitgeist animation =D

This has been the most difficult to do for sure, probably because there are so many definitions of ‘mutation’… Or because of me having technical difficulties due to my extravagant ideas… one of the two eh?

The morphing of the faces came about last minute today. I was going to use face masks which peel off on the faces, so it looked like a new face was breaking through each time. However, this had to be changed due to me almost burning my Grandad’s face with gone-off face mask solution. I thought he was being his normal moaning self with his complaints of the stuff burning his skin. I had to change my idea when I realised he may have been telling the truth. Woops =D But! I remembered what I had done for the X-Ray Superpower and yesterdays Super Speed and thought the techniques used there may work well for Mutation. Et Voila! With plenty of help from my fabulous (and patient) family, my last superpower was created.

Just got to piece them all together tomorrow!


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