First Post and Romney Marshes


This post here is indeed… my first post. I’m looking to update with what I’m doing on a regular basis, as and when I’ve done… stuff. So any outings, work, website updates or just generally what I have been up to will be blogged here! I’m also looking into making a video-type blog, but I’m wanting to finish other shizzle first!
At the moment, I am on my Summer holidays from University, so I am not doing any regular projects etc. However, I have been trying to keep myself occupied and the creative(ish) wheel(s) in my head turning by creating this website (my first ever! woop!) to display my work.
Yesterday, I went exploring Romney Marshes, Kent with a few friends and took plenty of photographs, the best of which are here (click to appreciate if you wish :)):
I have never seen so many pebbles and stones in my life, which practically destroyed my feet and legs walking along… Romney is by the sea, with lots of (what looks like) abandoned shacks and boats and deserted areas… Which reminded me of the film ‘The Hills have Eyes’… So for those of you who have seen the film, you will understand why I didn’t want to be left alone at times. Oh and we got scared just incase there were minefields…
Ok, well that is the end of my first blog! Have a butchers around the rest of my site (please, please, please – I know there isn’t much yet, but I’m working on it!) and sign up for a newsletter about more updates by emailing:
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(maybe not THAT weird, but something along those lines would be just as great 🙂 )