From Zero to Batwoman

DC have decided that this month, every comic under the New 52 title has to have a ‘zero’ issue that will reveal the origins and secrets of our beloved characters. Of course, I got the Batwoman one 😉

This issue was surprisingly an emotional one. It is written as Kate Kane sending a message to her father Jacob Kane, whilst revealing her childhood, how she dealt with the death of her mother and sister, and ultimately how she ‘became’ Batwoman – which was much more dark and personal than I had previously envisaged.

There has previously been a zero issue for Batwoman and her personal history explored to quite a depth, so I didn’t see how the writers could delve in any deeper… but they did. This was an exploration of Kate’s emotional side which hadn’t actually been touched upon, most importantly Kate and Jacob’s father and daughter relationship.

It’s the last panel that gave me goosebumps though:

“You want to know when I became Batwoman?… When I learned that the only person I could trust had betrayed me…I love you, Dad.”

The issue served as a great reminder to how complex Batwoman is and why I love the character so much.

Awesome issue, as per usual!