I’ve been a busy lady.

Ahh what a most fabulous Sunday afternoon. My football team has just won 3-1, my assessment hand in was complete on Monday  and I have a new project to do. Time for a super long blog post me thinks.

So, I have a few new pages up in my Portfolio section:

This is Me Pro

Dove: Tell Your Daughter

Fearless / What If?

Zeitgeist: The Super Power

My This is Me Pro is still pending adjustments (and lots of them) so no changes since the last time I blogged about it.

Dove: Tell Your Daughter is the final commercial that has been entered for the Kodak Student Film School competition (I’m still not quite sure what the official name for the awards is, but it is something along those lines). This film has had many ups and downs, from concepts being continuously knocked back by our tutors, to the footage not coming out as expected and editing driving us up the wall. But in the end, I think I can say for the group, that we are very pleased with the outcome and was worth the stress! I have definitely learnt A LOT in the process.

Fearless / What If? is a collaboration with my lovely housemate and fellow Graphic Design student at Central Saint Martins, Emilia Buggins. She wanted to see if she could improve someone’s life by making them face their phobias; I was her guinea pig and edited the film.

Yes. I really do have a fear of Dust.

Zeitgeist: The Super Power is not entirely complete due to time restrictions, however I am very pleased with what I have done. I messed around with interactive flash animations a couple of years ago and wanted to utilise this again (even though I had forgotten entirely how to do it). Influenced by films such as Metropolis and the Art Deco movement, as well as the trusty ol’ comic book, I have made this animation which is about an old scientist who discovered ‘The Super Power’ in the early 1920’s (10 years before Superman’s creation).

A massive thank you to Reiss Cleal for being my hero and helping me out with filming and to my Grandad, the real Carmello Bonello for being my dashing actor / voice actor:

Reiss has made a podcast, which includes some of the making of for my Zeitgeist project (excuse the appearance of myself, I look awful):

Got a couple more posts to come, including my trip to the London Film Museum and about my new projects.

Ta-rah luv!