Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds

On the 12th of December, I went with my mum and her boyfriend to see Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds at the O2, London.

The tickets had to be bought a year in advance and sold out on the day they were released. Within just one minute of the show starting, I could most definitely understand why.

My mum brought me up listening to War of the Worlds, so the music is always something that I have loved, admired and sang along to. So seeing it live on stage, with all of the visuals – such as a giant 35 foot tripod alien – was just one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had. Plus, seeing Jason Donovan and Rhydian (from X-Factor) perform in it was just great!

My words are in no way of doing the show justice!

Photo taken by camera phone:

Here is some footage of WOTW on the DVD:

The music is just EPIC! What can I say, I have goosebumps 🙂