Less than one week in, and exhausted already…

This is what I wrote yesterday in my sketchbook, while in a freezing cold lobby, eagerly waiting for a certain someone to finish Hockey. I didn’t get time to post it:

It has only been one week – actually not even a week yet – and I’m already exhausted.
I’ve been working really hard with an American Chap, Graham Nolte, who is an exchange student for a term from California. We’ve been making a short animation – based on the objects ‘Cat, Shoe and Watch’ in After Effects. The objects were randomly given to us and we have been asked to create a 30 second animation linking them in someway. This is due in for Friday at 1pm, where the groups’ animations will be shown and critiqued.
It’s been hard work – I’ve done most of the drawing as it is more of my speciality, as well as the more trickier animating and longer scenes, whereas Graham’s area of expertise is movie making. But I give him his dues, he has worked hard at the character design and has given it his go at learning animation on the go. He was alsoin charge of recording and editing the sounds.
On top of this, we had a whole day lecture yesterday (Wednesday) on camcorders, tripods etc., which bored the life out of me and had to go out in a group of 5 to film city stuff as part of a mini -learn how to use the camcorder – brief. Yes I was bored the whole time and learnt absolutely nothing, and didn’t have much use of the camcorder as certain members of the group pretentiously hogged it. Don’t get me started. ANYWAY – I was especially peeved as I needed to do lots of artwork to start animating for today (Thursday). I even stayed up until 3.40am doing it. Then was in uni for 10am. Then I stayed there until 7pm. And boy am I tired right now.
Anyway, the majority of the animation is done now, just adding final touches and sound tomorrow (Friday) and will be posting it then too.
Oh, and I went to see Dirty Dancing last night at the West End – the bloke who played Johnny isn’t a touch on Mr. Swayze, but it was still very good – not the best – but still thoroughly enjoyable. I was particularly mesmerised by the set design which had lots of intricate and well thought out lighting and dynamic use of cinematics.
I was going to show you my groups ‘smashingly, beautifully shot’, pretentious video from yesterday (Wednesday). It’s called ‘The Ebb and Flow of the City of London’. However the 5 minutes it is, would have surely been your last 🙂