Litmus. Now there is a weird word.

I decided to experiment with Litmus Testing / Chromatography today. I quite like the effect that is has with the blending of the colours. An idea of mine is to draw the sound waves of different songs, and see how the Litmus Tests differ from each other – maybe make loads and collect into a delicate book? Or maybe use this to show other senses. But how or what I do not know.

Check out the ‘making of’ video and photographs.

I also tried making weird colour ink shapes using ink and water. But that didn’t go too well (will be trying again) and ended up making symmetrical / rorschach images from them which I think are pretty cool 🙂

I am a little skeptical with how this project is going at the moment. It’s the whole ‘thinking outside the box thing’ that is getting to me. For example, if you were to Google ‘synesthesia’ right now, the first links that you would get would be about people seeing colours when they here noises. This is the first association with Synesthesia. And what am I doing? Colours. So in my mind, I feel like I’m being quite unoriginal with what I am trying to convey, which is really bugging me. But I like – no – love colours. And most of the time with my work and style (apart from photography) I don’t really get to use them that much. I really do like experimenting with how to create different blends…

Does that sound good reason enough faithful readers? To use colours because I want to experiment with them, even though it seems like the ‘unthoughtful, easy route’… I hope so…

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